ConsenSys 所参与项目清单


供应链 (Viant),

能源 (Grid+),

新闻业 (Civil),

法律 (OpenLaw),

数字资产经济的基石 (AirswapBalanc3),

开创性 dApps 如 UjoGitcoinBounties.Network, and Gnosis ,提供真正效用,创建价值,引导走向全球性,去中心化经济。


一些例子: The Brooklyn Project 提供一个平台,用于建立代币经济消费者保护最佳实践。

Token Foundry spins up exceptionally engineered token launches from around the world.

ConsenSys’ series of Ethereal Summit events has emerged as one of the premier meeting-places for the blockchain community,

ConsenSys Academy is training the next generation of blockchain developers and technologists. ConsenSys Ventures operates as an investment wing,

the Blockchain for Social Impact coalition is striving towards innovations that create a better world.

核心组件, 开发者工具, 基础架构

 MetaMask, an Ethereum web browser extension, recently celebrated one million installs,

 Infura directs over 6 billion traffic requests a day through the Ethereum network.

The Truffle suite of developer tools has been utilized by over 250,000 developers,

 uPort is poised to establish self-sovereign identity as an essential feature of the blockchain era. And keep an eye out for Alethio, a blockchain network analytics dashboard that will launch in the very near future…