Messari:开源 “EDGAR” 加密资产数据库


Messari, a distributed crypto data library that I hope will turn into this industry’s EDGAR database. Messari will some day act as equal parts investor portal, self-regulator, peer-review system, and directory for cryptoassets.

We’re starting small, and collecting simple, straightforward, non-proprietary and non-controversial information on all of the top cryptoassets. The most important data sets that check these boxes today are around supply curves and annual inflation — inclusive of vested token treasury balances.

If we design the Messari library and incentives structure the right way, it will become the single source of truth regarding the most important data on thousands of current and future cryptocurrencies, utility tokens, and tokenized securities.

Media companies, investors, dapp developers, and regulators alike will have a tool to reference in order to fully understand what is happening in a given protocol or associated cryptoasset.

In short, it would be the data layer for the new crypto economy.


Anthemis Group, Blockchain Capital, CoinFund, Digital Asset Investment Company (DAICO), Danhua Capital, Kindred Ventures, Rising Tide, Semantic Ventures, SparkLabs Global, and Underscore VC. Individual angels in the round include Garry Tan, Pamir Gelenbe, and Matthew Roszak.