Token Curated Registry 阅读清单


1. Github Repo by Mike Goldin

2. Token Curated Registry Whitepaper by Mike Goldin

3. Token-Curated Registries 1.0 by Mike Goldin

4. Token-Curated Registries 1.1 by Mike Goldin

5. ABCs of Token-Curated Registries by Dave Murry

6. Continuous Token-Curated Registries: The Infinity of Lists by Simon de la Rouviere

7. City Walls & Bo-Taoshi: Exploring the Power of Token-Curated Registries by Simon de la Rouviere

8. Token-Curated Registries, An Emerging Cryptoeconomic Primitive by Rhys Lindmark

9. Token Curated Registries in Butterfly Economies by kei

10. A Closer Look at TCR 1.1 and the µ Equation by Eddy Muñoz

11. Brian Kelly on Token Curated Registries by The Unconfirmed Podcast / Laura Shin

12. Token Curated Registries by Kerman Kohli

13. Token Curated Registries: An Experiment in Game Theory (Part 1&2) by Julian Martinez

14. Token Curated Playlists( 1 , 2 ) by Felipe Gaúcho Pereira

15. Investable Token Curated Registries by Robert Greenfield IV

16. Introduction to Token Curated Registries by Max Bronstein

17. Token Curated Registry Design Patterns by Matt Lockyer

18. Token Curated Registries That Don’t Work by Aleksandr Bulkin

19. TCR Design Flaws: Why Blockchain Needs Reputation by Slava Balasanov

20. When Can Token Curated Registries Actually Work? by Alex Tabarrok