Gavin wood:Web3 简介

整理自 Dr. Gavin Wood (Parity Technologies 及 Polkadot 创始人,以太坊前 CTO ) 于 the M-0 conference in Zug, Switzerland 的演讲幻灯片。如有疑问,可见演讲视频

Chapter 1

What are we coming from?

NSA Leak: internet giants let government tap your data   -- mashable june 7, 2013

$250M a year US program works covertly with tech companies to insert weaknesses into products --Guardian september 6, 2013

Academics criticise NSA and GCHQ for weakening online encryption --- Guardian September 16,2013

CIA admits to [illegal] spying on Senate staffers ---Guardian July, 2014

Emmanuel Macron’s campaign hacked on eve of French election---Guardian.May 6,2017

Credit firm Equifax says 143m Americans’ social security numbers exposed in hack---Guardian.September 8.2017

The tools we rely on to interact, communicate , understand and make decisions are broken.

Our fallback is trust.

Trust in the same people that want to keep our tools broken.

Were civilisation a person, we would recognise it as self-harm.

There are many factors to this malady

Widespread ignorance
Widespread laziness
Widespread greed
Widespread incompetence
Widespread pride

But this is nothing new.what changed?

Power is concentrated now more than ever.

Opaqueness means little accountability.

The errors of the few become the problems of the many, leading to incipient, structural failure.

There is only one means of stabilising.


Chapter 2

What ?

Web3 is an extensible framework for creating massively multi-user, economically strong applications.

Web3 is a reliable, robust means of helping your application stay useful in adverse conditions.

Web3 helps your avoid the responsibility you don’t want.

Web3 helps you prove yourself, your identity, your intention.

Web3 is open, extensible and future-proof.

Web3 is a new way of architecting Web applications.

Web3 helps remove the divide between users and service providers.

The Web3 stack, roughly…

Chapter 3

So what?

The physical laws used to be the means of ensuring value-capture from services.

By circumventing, the laws of the physical world, the internet created new opportunities for service provision.

Value-capture is currently facilitated by what will become to be known as an archaic and untenable practice: data slavery.

In the new model, value-capture will happen through clear, agile and bi-directional incentivisation frameworks, delivering an efficient and inclusive service market.

Chapter 4

Where next?

Web3 is no single organization, company or person.

Polkadot, ipfs, whisper, ethereum, bitcoin and many others are important components, but many more sure to come.

Web3 foundation will advocate, support and nurture to encourage a positive outcome.

Less trust.more truth.web3.

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